How do you know you are living your best life? Is the path you have chosen the right path or are you just settling? Are you dreams worth pursuing or are they just silly ideas you talk about with your friends or partner after a couple of drinks? These are some questions my husband and […]

  Well. What can I say but this last week has been slow on progress due to Logan constantly teething. Two weeks ago Logan didn’t have any teeth and now four have broken through! Monday night we couldn’t get him to sleep until 11pm, Tuesday we had friends around to plaster the ceiling where we […]

More and more things have been sold online. Bit by bit things are disappearing and now that everything that we are selling in the garage sale is out in the garage, the house is feeling much more manageable although it is still a mess. Jared and I are painting most nights after Logan has gone […]

We all know what the American dream is. I remember learning about it in school when we studied ‘The death of a salesman’ and even though I lived in Australia I could really identify with the idea of a white picket fence, manicured lawns and friendly neighbours I said howdy to as I collected the […]

  The online sales have slowed right down. Last week I was on a massive roll and this week is slow. The mountains of stuff piled up in the lounge room and dining room are making me anxious and frustrated. Jared and I are at a bit of a stalemate because he wants to spend […]

If you have read my Blog detailing all the curve balls life has thrown us in the less than 5 years Jared and I have been together, you can probably understand how hard exercise has been. Since our car accident I have been suffering with a lot of pain mostly in my hips and my […]

Since we are selling everything we own and hitting the road I have had to take a real hard look at everything I own and weigh up not just if it brings joy to my life as everyone seems to say now days but also am I emotionally attached to this item and why. As […]

  Life is a very funny thing isn’t it? Life seems to give you the greatest gifts and the greatest hardships wrapped in one neat package…or at least in the last few years this is how it has seemed. A friend Jared worked with introduced us and we quickly started dating. I use the term […]