Our Emotional Attachment To Objects


Since we are selling everything we own and hitting the road I have had to take a real hard look at everything I own and weigh up not just if it brings joy to my life as everyone seems to say now days but also am I emotionally attached to this item and why. As someone who has filled the garage with boxes containing not only photos and birthday cards but also any note a friend ever wrote me at school and every school planner I ever received.

The first question is why did I choose to hang on to this stuff, I mean I never look at any of it? Is it that I am having trouble letting go of the adventures of my past? I started going through box by box and looking at everything I had kept and I thought this will be great I will take a photo of everything and share it with the people from my past so that we can all enjoy it. I quickly realised that no one really cared because really it was just bit of paper that don’t really mean anything. Most of this stuff when I really looked at it didn’t bring back great memories of adventures past or take me back through great memories. So after about 3 boxes I just started throwing everything out. I took digital photos on my phone of the photos but that’s about it. So far what I am left with is a small box of stuff that is a mix of a few items that do trigger a big memory and then there are the items I don’t feel like I have permission to throw out.

There are items in my memory boxes that I’m sure are also in yours that I do not feel like I have the right to chuck in the bin. When I was born I was given as gifts small jewellery to fit a baby and a set of silver hair brushes and looking mirrors. Now I don’t have any specific attachment to these items because well I was a baby and don’t even remember who the gifts came from however that doesn’t change that fact that I still feel a huge pang of guilt at the thought of discarding these items. So the question is do I keep them or maybe try to give them back to my mum and see if she wants them?

How can I have made so much progress in sifting through my past and memories and be stuck on these few items? I guess this goes to show that progress comes in waves and we are ever changing and evolving beings. One thing I will say about keeping all these items and looking through them is that I have come to realise I was a blog writer before blogging was a thing and I think that gave me just enough courage to start writing and posting these blogs.

Shall we move on to the big ticket items that also have guilt strings attached? Earlier this year we brought two big and expensive tv’s and 2 new sofa’s and although I keep telling myself “it’s just money” and “we enjoyed them for a few months if we sell them we can get some of the money back” I am still finding it hard to let these items go. I can imagine everyone saying “but you just brought all this stuff what a waste of money”. When I think about the decision we have made I am 100% sure it’s the right one. Not a single fibre in my body thinks this is a mistake and that is what is going to give me the courage and strength to get rid of these items.

Your memories will stay with you forever and no amount of items or keepsakes can take you back in time to those precious moments, all we have are our stories and our ability to create more memories and new precious moments. If you find you are hanging on to relics from the past maybe take a good look at them and ask yourself if, like me, you are hanging on to these items and memories in fear that there are no more adventures in your future. If this is you remember you’re the master of your own destiny and you can steer your ship in the direction of any adventure you choose.

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