Week 2 of the de-clutter



The online sales have slowed right down. Last week I was on a massive roll and this week is slow. The mountains of stuff piled up in the lounge room and dining room are making me anxious and frustrated. Jared and I are at a bit of a stalemate because he wants to spend the weekend painting and I want to have a garage sale. His reasoning is that the painting will take the longest and we can’t sell the house until it’s painted which is all true. My point is that I can’t live with all this stuff everywhere and it will need to be gone to paint anyway. The more stuff you have to move around while painting the harder it is. Also the garage needs to be emptied this weekend so the builders can get a trailer in there to start work on the deck and the only access to the back garden is in through the garage. We could spend Saturday for a half day on the garage sale then take everything left to the charity shop then spend all Sunday painting.

It’s already Wednesday today and the week is closing in fast so if the garage sale is to go ahead signs need to be made (thank god for those left over pizza boxes), price tags need to be stuck on to things and everything needs to be sorted into areas. I might see if tonight Jared can help me move some things in the garage to make room and I can start setting up the tables in there and moving things out to get it ready. I will need another hanging rail from somewhere so I might put up a post on the local Facebook page to see if anyone can lend me one for the weekend. The thought of all this is completely

Sunday evening has already rolled around and boy has it been a hectic week. My good intentions to get us back onto our Keto diet have failed massively with the appearance of Logan’s 1st tooth on top of a growth spurt along with Jared and myself painting till 11pm every night completing two bedrooms and getting a start on the hallway.

We spent all day on Saturday and Sunday on our Garage sale getting up at 6am to set up and open the doors for 7am. I won’t say it was a complete success but it defiantly was worth it and we have learnt a lot of things to make the next one better. We finished the weekend exhausted but $1,100 richer. The best part of the sale was meeting some great people. Everyone was very supportive of our plans and had some great advice to share. It was surprising that a few people had done something similar, one lady had taken her four children around Europe for over 7 months and couldn’t speak more passionately about the fun and adventure her family experienced.

What’s planned for this week you ask? Most likely the never ending chore of painting along with selling more things on Facebook and Gumtree, hiring a graphic designer to create an amazing logo for us, setting up our Patreon account and draft some sponsorship proposals up. We might have to slow down a bit this week due to my body rebelling. I am nothing but aches, pains and sniffles. Overall we have had a very successful week, although there is still a long way to go to reach our goal however after chatting with everyone at our garage sale we are feeling pumped and motivated to press on.



One thought on “Week 2 of the de-clutter

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  1. Sounds like a crazy week!

    But slow progress is still progress, and $1,100 sounds like a LOT of progress to me! Haha! Nice work guys!

    It’s awesome you got to meet some people who have had similar journeys. It must have been quite inspiring!

    Feel better soon! Xx


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