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We are a young couple from Sydney Australia with a baby boy and a little (on the outside only) dog with grand designs and dreams to travel the world in search of a different life.

My husband Jared travelled extensively after getting his BA in Audio Production, where he spent 2 years working on various Royal Caribbean cruise ships in the theatre department. After returning to Australia he did a huge range of different jobs, from being an event roadie, to a travel agent, to being a car salesman, in an attempt to find his work life passion. A few years ago he was able to combine his love of 4 wheel driving (overlanding, off-roading, 4 wheelin’ – take your pick of local names for getting off the road into the wild) and his love of helping people to create their own adventures, by working for some of Australia’s biggest 4 wheel drive equipment suppliers and has gone on to train as a 4 wheel driving instructor so he can further his goal of getting more people out from behind the screen and into the wild world.

As for myself (Steph) I was a camp councillor in California straight after finishing High School. I then moved to my mothers home country of England to complete a BA Hons in Film Production at a University in a beachside town called Bournemouth. I attended the same Camp America camp a second time in the role of the worst Arts and Craft director I’m sure in the camps history. I lived in the UK for 6 years in total before I moved back to Australia where I shortly thereafter met Jared and have been with him ever since. Just like Jared, I have had many careers ranging from showroom Host for Mercedes Benz to being a case worker for disengaged teenagers.

Baby Logan was born in August 2017 and is a very content, happy, little baby. His hobbies include tickle time, peek-a-boo and pulling the dogs ears. His favourite foods include steak and cucumber, rarely eaten after being smooshed all over his own face.

Odinn The Beagle is 4years old and switches between being a sooky and cuddly angel and a food hungry destructive devil dog that will do anything for a crumb of biscuit. His favourite foods include anything you are eating, anything food has touched or been wrapped in, and weirdly fruit. He has a beautiful personality and temperament and is loved by everyone. Except for at meal time. His best friend in the whole world is the closet person with food. If no body has any food he can almost certainty be found cuddled up against Logan under the same blanket with his head in Logan’s lap.

Now this next section I won’t be able to do justice very well. To that end I will hand the next paragraph over to Jared and let him tell you about his other great love. The Car.

I’ve loved cars my whole life. Big or small, slow or fast. They all have their own personalities and little quirks that can be learnt over time, and can be changed to bring specific features into light. (No I’m not one of those guys that names every vehicle he has had). I had been searching for a new 4 wheeler since Steph had gotten pregnant since my 2 door shorty Pajero wouldn’t be do the job of family vehicle any longer. When I first saw the 1999 Nissan Patrol wagon I knew I had to have her! She was old, but straight with not a hint of rust and a good recorded history, plus the legendary 6 cylinder 4.2 Turbo Diesel Nissan engine. Since she has been a part of the Stromlife family she has had a serious amount of upgrades to the suspension, wheels, tyres, aftermarket intercoolers, air boxes etc. etc. etc. The list goes on. She’s a tough old rig and I can’t wait to see what we can get her into next!

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