Fraser Island


I am not sure how I can accurately describe Fraser Island. It seems almost like a magical island to me with an ever changing landscape and hidden gems around every corner. It’s the kind of place you instantly want to become a part of and keep as something that is just yours.

We spent the days exploring the whole island I can easily say my favourite day was the day we drove up to the top of the island where the light house is located. The drive up the beach is stunning with nothing but blue skies and clear blue sea, as well as all the wildlife you could want. We saw pelicans, fish, whales, dolphins and dingos. Once you start to reach the top of the island and turn a corner the scenery changes and giant white sand dunes suddenly tower over you from the left whilst on the right the ocean which is now dead calm has somehow managed to become even more crystal clear and the sand is defiantly whiter. Even though there are sharks in the ocean and swimming isn’t advised we couldn’t resist taking a quick dip in the shallows of this paradise shoreline. After the boys climbed the dunes and raced back down to the bottom we continued on to the base of the lighthouse.

I am not going to lie, the walk up to the lighthouse almost killed me but boy was it worth it! Unexpectedly once you reach the top you are not only met with a lighthouse but tiny cottages and plaques detailing the lives of the families stationed up on the top of the hill under the shadow of the lighthouse. The Lighthouse itself is a beautiful old fashioned lighthouse soaring up into the endless blue sky and defiantly worthy of a picture. I would defiantly recommend bringing water on the hike up as it’s a mix of steep hills and walking on sand which can get tiring.

I’m not sure I can pick favourite places on the Island but one of my top picks is defiantly the four wheel drive track snaking through the middle of the island from lake Wabby all the way through the centre and up towards Moon Point on the other side of the island. This track has everything moving from bushland to rainforest then opening up again to fields of mangroves. There are hills with beautiful vistas of the ocean sparkling in the distance behind a carpet of greenery. The crowning jewel is the beauty that waits when you finally reach the beach on the other side with its empty beaches and pristine water and more of that dazzling white sand.

If you’re wondering about camping on the Island we camped in one of the dingo fenced campsites called Dundubara, which was great although something we were not aware of was the need for $2 coins for the showers so make sure you stock up on those. We found our campsite to be perfectly placed on the Island for seeing all the sites as we were pretty close to the middle. We also visited Waddy point camp ground which was very nice and great for families as it’s also Dingo fenced and has a playground however it is further up the Island. As far as camping on the beach it was rather crowded when we were there and we did happen to see three beautiful Dingo cubs playfully pulling all of someone’s belongings out of their tent and dragging them along the beach which ended in a sibling game of tug-a-war over a towel that unfortunately we didn’t get to stay to see who won.

We visited most of the lakes on the inside tracks of the island and of course Lake McKenzie is the most beautiful despite being bit crowded.  If you want the chance to see little turtles head on up to Lake Allom however I wouldn’t recommend swimming here. Lake Boomanjin and Lake Birrabeen are also worth a visit as you will find them beautiful and a lot less crowded than Lake McKenzie. As far as other points of interest on the Island I think the Mahino wreck is defiantly worth a visit however its crowded especially during school holidays and the Tailor fishing season, and the champagne pools are worth at least one visit if not two. I have seen a lot of hype around Eli creek however I found it to be Beautiful but underwhelming and preferred a lot of other places on the island over Eli Creek. Lake Wabby was another hyped up site with its giant sand dune that was defiantly worth a look at from the lookout however the water smelt funny and wasn’t good for swimming and after the hike to get there over the sand dune we defiantly wanted a swim.

At the end of the trip it was clear Fraser Island had stolen our hearts and I highly recommend everyone add it to the top of their bucket lists. If four wheel driving is not something you are confident with there are introductory courses all over Australia you can go to that will teach you some of the tricks and tips and the dos and must not do’s, to give you more confidence and make you a far safer 4WDer whilst out on the trackers. We highly encourage everybody intending to drive off road to get formal training from a professional licensed instructor, and we would definitely recommend the Australian 4WD Academy for anyone and everyone. However the Island is full of a mix of tourists who are not so sure what they are doing (as we discovered in more than one instance) and experienced four wheel drivers who are always happy to help you get out of a bind and offer some advice to those who need it. Apart from a couple of spots that where a bit tricky most of it was fairly tame driving, particularly in our vehicle which has been set up to handle those conditions. There are also tours that operate on the island that do the driving for you in special four wheel drive busses or that cram people into the back of modified 4WDs and go in tag-a-long groups, but I highly recommend renting a four wheel drive from one of the many companies on the mainland and having a go yourself.

We spent seven days all up on the Island, however if I was planning again I would go for a bit longer maybe nine or ten days so that I could explore a bit more of the internal island and have a chance to hit a few of my favourite spots again. I guess we will just have to go again in a few years and explore it all again which is just fine with me. Even though we are about to travel around the world I think it will take a lot to bump Fraser out of the favourites column……if anything ever does.



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