One Foot Out The Door

How do you know you are living your best life? Is the path you have chosen the right path or are you just settling? Are you dreams worth pursuing or are they just silly ideas you talk about with your friends or partner after a couple of drinks?

These are some questions my husband and I have been seriously asking ourselves over the last few months. The answer we have come up with….. Lets sell everything we own, including our house, and take our 7 month old baby and 4 year old Beagle around the world.

Wow. That was a scary sentence to write.

Up until now travelling is just something we have talked about longingly over a couple of drinks getting all excited until reality comes crashing down around us and we realise we are parents and we have responsibilities. We were both well travelled before we met and we had great plans to travel when we got together but life has thrown us a lot of curve balls and challenges that have always made travel hard. I will write another post going into more detail on our curve balls later.

The big decision…

I would love to tell you there was one big defining moment when I just suddenly woke up, turned to my husband Jared and said something like “why are we working so hard to pay for this big house and all this stuff” and although that discussion defiantly happened it was a lot more subtle and took place over a few months.

There is nothing like having a baby to put life into perspective and make you re-evaluate your whole life. Our son Logan was born at 28 weeks into a usually 41 week pregnancy, and spent 4 months in hospital. That was defiantly our toughest challenge as a couple and started these more serious discussions about what we are doing with our lives and what our priorities are. Before Logan was born I was working 14hr days and flying from Sydney to Queensland for work once a month and that is defiantly not something I can imagine going back to now that Logan is in our lives. After all we have children to spend time with them don’t we? Faced with the reality of going back to work I started really seriously thinking about what my new career path would be and nothing I came up with sounded like the right decision.

Where to Start….

So you have made the hard decision, but how do you start? Don’t worry. I am still asking myself this too. The first thing we did was call a real-estate agent to come and look at the house and tell us what we need to do to get it onto the market and how much the thinks we will get for the house. We were very surprised; apparently our house has made some money. I will go more into that once the house is sold but since it’s not even on the market yet you might have to wait a few months. The second step was to call some builders to quote the work that needs to happen and I am hopefully receiving a quote later today and i have all my fingers and toes crossed that it doesn’t hurt our travel fund too much. Apart from these two big steps I have been de-cluttering. I had actually started the de-cluttering process a few months ago trying to get my 5 bedroom, cluttered house down towards minimalism by selling stuff we don’t need or use on gumtree (the Australian version of Craigslist) or Facebook buy, sell, swap. So how do you de-clutter? For me I tend to stand in the middle of a room saying over and over where to start. I think the best way is layers, start with a room and just grab a few things that jump out at you that you can safely say you don’t want, then move on to another room and come back later and more things will jump out.

What’s next?

Next two people with no DIY skills will start to tackle the list from our real-estate agent, as well as waiting for quotes from some professionals for the stuff we know we cannot do, like replacing the balcony. I will continue to de-clutter and sell everything I can, however my house looking like a messy antiques store is starting to stress me out a bit so we might have to do a charity shop drop off soon. The desire to just run is high, I think once you have decided to change your life drastically it’s disheartening to go slow and do it right, thus constant motivation is key. We stay motivated mostly through YouTube videos of travellers, places to visit, tiny home and van-life vlogs. Talking about all the different options is import as well to keep the dream alive. We are still trying to figure out what the plan exactly is but at the moment it looks something like this

1) Sell all our crap

2) Sell the house

3) Tell our families

4) Travel round Australia a bit in our off road camper trailer

5) Attend the 3 or 4 wedding we are currently invited to including my sisters

6) Figure out how to ship Jared’s car to England

7) Fly to England and stay with my Nanny (should possibly tell her first)

8) Buy a caravan or trailer and convert to some sort of home (possibly gain DIY skills before this step)

9) Start travelling

Well that’s all for my very first blog post. Remember you dreams deserve centre stage and not to be stuck in the wings.

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