Week three update:

brush painting the white wall
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More and more things have been sold online. Bit by bit things are disappearing and now that everything that we are selling in the garage sale is out in the garage, the house is feeling much more manageable although it is still a mess. Jared and I are painting most nights after Logan has gone to sleep and have now finished the two downstairs bedrooms, the hallway and we are moving on to the dining room.

Tuesday night we had our favourite car guys from Torqued 2 Spec around at our houselast night to discuss the upgrades we want to do to the car, which consisted of me saying over and over again ‘but how much does that cost’ and ‘how much have we spent now’. It’s hard to stop  yourself going overboard because we are going to be depending on this car for such a long time and we want to make sure it’s up to the challenge and is going to do everything we need it to whilst not adding in cool gadgets that are not really necessary or are not making like a lot easier.

Our friend Kris is coming over this weekend to babysit so that Jared and I can really get a move on with the painting. We are hoping to build the spare room bed again and move downstairs with Logan this weekend so we can start on upstairs and hopefully finish.

The Deck rebuild has started and is now just a frame. A couple of beams have been eaten by termites and need to be replaced which is an additional cost we had luckily already budgeted for however we had not budgeted for the stairs leading from the garage to the back garden being rotten and needing to be replaced as it’s the only access point.

The weekend was absolutely mental starting on Saturday with us starting the second coat of the downstairs hallway and painting the entrance porch outside and the front door. The front door and entrance is not finished yet but it’s already looking miles better. In particular I love the fact the front door is now blue instead of bright orange (why didn’t we do that sooner?). Saturday afternoon Kris came to babysit while we went to Bunning’s hardware which took us two hours and a lot of money, but totally worth it. I am not sure how we managed to fit a new vanity and a new laundry tub into my Subaru Forester as well as a laundry bench-top, blinds, curtains, two large tubs of paint and new tap ware.

Sunday we took out the old laundry tub and painted the laundry then disassembled Logan’s cot and moved it downstairs. Logan is starting to show signs of crawling so his Cot needed to be taken apart to be lowered anyway. We then built the spare bed downstairs for us to move into and painted Logan’s nursery with its first coat of paint and removed the old brown blinds from the upstairs hallway. All the trim in the downstairs is white but upstairs it’s still old fashioned and brown so we will have to update it all the white. Luckily my mum was able come and watch Logan while most of this was going on especially when we realised his second tooth was coming through and that’s why he was being irritable.

The very exciting task I did achieve Sunday was to buy decorations for Logan’s 1st birthday party which is less than a month away and I have started making enquires for a cake. It’s hard because he won’t remember this birthday so half of me says don’t go overboard but on the other hand he will only have one first birthday and we worked so hard to get him to this point it’s more of a celebration for Jared and myself, so of course what have I done? I have gone overboard!

We are absolutely exhausted and everything hurts from all the manual labour and I am currently crashed out on the couch watching Keep your daydream on YouTube to keep my motivation and excitement up. It’s amazing how hard you are willing to work when you decided you really want something and find small things to keep yourself motivated.

Next week is another big one. I have hired a gardener to come and curb the madness that is our garden and he should be starting on Monday. We also have friends coming over Monday night to give us a hand painting and plastering to try and get ahead with upstairs as I wanted it closer to done by today. I am going to try and spend this week packing more things away and adding more things to our garage sale piles. This time I am also hoping to do a letterbox drop to advertise another garage sale next Saturday. We are also hoping to launch something very exciting this week so keep an eye out on our Facebook page Stromlifeadventures!

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