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Well. What can I say but this last week has been slow on progress due to Logan constantly teething. Two weeks ago Logan didn’t have any teeth and now four have broken through! Monday night we couldn’t get him to sleep until 11pm, Tuesday we had friends around to plaster the ceiling where we had the original light fittings removed and down lights installed a few months ago, Wednesday was another teething night and Logan didn’t go to sleep till late and Thursday we managed to paint the second coat on Logan’s room. Friday we did a few touch ups in Logan’s room and taped up the upstairs bathroom ready for a busy weekend of painting. We had a babysitter organised for Sunday so we could paint as much of the upstairs as possible and plans to go and meet our new little niece so a big weekend planned, however as always life has other plans for us almost always involving hospital.

I wasn’t feeling too well most of Friday night with a slight headache and a bit of an upset stomach and just as we were getting ready to go to bed I started to feel worse. Jared suggested I go to the toilet and hop into bed and sleep it off. I was sitting on the toilet and I remember saying to Jared “I think I’m going to pass out” and then next thing I know I can hear Jared yelling and I can see blood. Lots of blood. It took me a few seconds to realise what was going on and to sit up, Jared couldn’t get into the room as I was blocking the door. There was a surprising amount of blood on the floor and I couldn’t understand where it was coming from at first. At least not until Jared put some tissue on my head and told me I had a big cut in the middle of my forehead that might need stiches. My left cheek was hurting and it was getting hard to keep my left eye open. Whilst I was sitting on the bathroom floor trying to get the strength to stand Jared called an ambulance which I thought was overkill at the time and called his mum to come watch Logan. We moved to the couch to wait for Carol to arrive so Jared could take me to get my head checked out.

I started to feel better sitting on the couch although I was incredibly cold, so cold I thought I would never get warm again. I have passed out a few times starting when I was eleven. To my supreme embarrassment I passed out at a school assembly in front of the whole junior and senior school as well as the school founder and Chaplin and all the teachers. It must have been a special occasion considering everyone was there. Since then I have passed out, on average, once every year or so and no-one seems to know why. I have been to hospital a few times and they have just checked my blood pressure and sugar levels and sent me on my way. I usually get enough warning to either tell someone I am passing out or most of the time to at least sit down. After my pass outs I am usually lethargic all day and a bit shaky, but this time was a bit different because minutes after Jared’s mum Carol arrived I knew I was going to pass out again. Luckily I was already sitting down and had people around me this time.

Jared called the ambulance phone operator back to check on where the ambulance was and she directed Jared to put me on the floor in the recovery position so that I wouldn’t hurt myself. The ambulance arrived a few minutes later and started asking me lots of questions whilst checking my vitals. They said my blood pressure was extremely low and they wanted to put some fluid into me before they tried to walk me out to the ambulance since they couldn’t get the stretcher to the door. Whilst they were looking for a vein to put a cannula in I started to feel sick again and gave them a warning seconds before I passed out again.

With each pass out I was getting colder and colder. It was a very cold night but I felt like I was in a freezer! They got me into the ambulance after receiving some fluids and proceeded on the longest drive to the hospital ever. The hospital is only around a 10 – 15minute drive away but it felt like it took a lot longer than that. This was my third time in an ambulance and I have come to realise that the journey in the back seems to take twice as long as it would any other time. Not sure if it’s because you can’t see anything out the windows so there are no reference points or just being sick or injured. Maybe both.

We got to the hospital and a nurse started checking me in. She said is there any chance you could be pregnant. I replied with I better bloody not be. I must admit I hate that question because if you are having sex there is always a chance you could be pregnant. I told her my story about having a premie baby and Hellp syndrome and she told me she had also had Hellp syndrome but at a much later stage so she could deliver naturally.  Now I was scared, what if I was pregnant? I want to be in peek physical condition when we next try for a baby because I am so high risk and have so many potential complications. They moved me to a bed and as they were helping me move across my head started bleeding again. Apparently my blood pressure was so low the bleeding had stopped and now that it was climbing back up the bleeding had started again.

Jared arrived just in time to see them fix up my wound, they didn’t want to use stitches because it would probably scar and on closer inspection the cut was too deep for glue so they used a tape that works the same as stitches. After that I had to wait to be taken for a cat scan. They wanted to check my head and my check for further injuries AND check for any blood clots on my lungs because of my history. Now I was even more worried. Please please please no more blood clots. The cat scan that checking for blood clots on the lungs is terrible, I would almost rather any other test. I was transferred to the machine table and hooked up to a machine that injects a liquid for the cat scan machine to see into my lungs. The dye brings the taste of nail polish to your mouth and noise and is so intense it makes me feel sick and my favourite reaction is where you get this hot rush through your body that makes you think you have peed your pants. So much fun.

I waited anxiously for the results. Not pregnant and no blood clots thank god. I really didn’t want to deal with either of those nightmares right now. The doctors where still concerned because it’s obviously not normal to pass out so regularly and I kept setting the monitor off with an erratic heart rate. They wanted to keep me in for further observation but I convinced them to send me home so I could sleep. The referred me to a cardiologist to look into the erratic heart rate and if that comes up with nothing they said I needed to go to something called a syncope clinic where they would do a bunch of tests to try and get to the bottom of my episodes. I was happy to go home but I really didn’t want to add more specialists and tests to my ever growing list.

I spent the weekend and most of the week recovering. My head hurt a lot, Logan head-butting me right on the cut didn’t help with that and I was also finding it hard to get my energy back. On Sunday night Jared came down with a stomach bug and was so incredibly sick, it was horrible. He called in sick Monday from work after spending all Sunday night throwing up. Maybe what I had was part of the same bug, although I never threw up.

It’s been a couple of weeks and I have been to see the cardiologist who did an ECG that apparently was fine as well as an ultrasound of my heart which was also fine. I will have to go back tomorrow to have a 24hr heart monitor put on to see if there is still irregular heart beat happening but if that shows nothing then I will have to make an appointment at the syncope clinic.

With all this going on we decided to hire a painter to finish upstairs and the living areas downstairs. He has one last room to complete tomorrow and it’s been fantastic. So quick and easy I don’t know why we didn’t do it sooner. The work on rebuilding the deck is slow but progressing and today Jared took the car to get our logo stamped all over it and it looks fantastic! We are so close to getting the house on the market and now Jared has stopped working it’s really getting exciting. On Sunday we are hosting a big party to celebrate Logan’s first Birthday and then on Monday we head to Fraser Island for a two week trip with friends where we will be using the opportunity to test all our set up and equipment. Hopefully this will show us if any of our equipment isn’t up to scratch or if we need to get anything else. I have been feeling very guilty over how long it’s been since I’ve put up a blog post but with the Fraser Island trip just days away there are some exciting blogs AND vlogs coming so keep your eyes out for that.

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